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It has taken decades to understand the urgency of protecting the Earth’s environment, and the importance of seeking alternatives to fossil fuels. At last, the development of a green energy industry is presenting the opportunity to heal the planet. Governments and businesses around the world developed green strategies to reduce dependence on gas, oil and coal. In Ontario, the Green Energy Act was created in 2009 to expand renewable energy sources to include alternatives, such as wind power.

Big Wind is a documentary about the unprecedented push to develop industrial wind turbines in rural communities, and how this is transforming the landscape in Canada and the world. The film investigates why governments are spending billions on wind power; how corporations are acquiring farmland to put up thousands of industrial wind turbines; the health effects experienced by some nearby residents; and whether these new “green� wind turbines are actually helping our environmental goals. It is a subject that is creating tension between corporations and residents, governments and citizens, and neighbours alike.

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An animated slideshow that offers an illustrated snapshot of the arguments for and against wind power in Ontario.

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